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Corporate Overview

RMS has a very close and trusted relationship with Dole. With worldwide operations, Dole is one of the world's largest producer of bananas and pineapples, and an industry leader in packaged fruit products, packaged salads and fresh vegetables. Dole’s most significant products hold the number 1 or number 2 positions in their respective markets.


Recognition of the DOLE® trademark and the association of the brand with high quality food products contribute significantly to our leading positions in the markets served. The distinctive red “DOLE” letters and sunburst has become a familiar symbol of freshness and quality recognized around the world.


One of Dole’s strongest core competencies is the ability to produce, transport and deliver high-quality perishable products around the world. Dole quality starts right on the farm, and that quality is preserved and protected in the farm-to-customer refrigerated supply chain.


In addition to being a global fresh produce distributor, Dole is also in the forefront of nutrition education and research. The Company invests millions in funding cutting edge research at its own facility (Dole Nutrition Research Laboratory) in North Carolina. The valuable knowledge acquired from this research is distributed freely to consumers through a variety of multiple award-winning 2.5 million circulation - Dole Nutrition News - the recently published Dole Nutrition Handbook, videos, brochures, cookbooks and more. Visit Dole Nutrition Institute for more information.


Dole uses its global refrigerated supply chain that features the largest dedicated refrigerated containerized fleet in the world, along with pallet reefer vessels, as well as an extensive network of packaging, ripening and distribution centers, to deliver fresh Dole products to markets on all major continents.


Reefership Marine Services, Ltd., is the vessel management division of Dole's fleet of vessels.