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Employment & Careers

Dole RMS seeks motivated and confidant seafarers in all ranks desiring a long term career with the company.

Most of our senior seagoing staff have served Dole RMS with distinction for over two decades and conitnue to do so even now with the same spirit of loyalty and dedication as when they first began their association with the Company.  

On the left pictured is some of our crew proudly exhorted by Dole RMS' owner, patron and visionary, Mr. David H. Murdock. 

We offer all the advantages of an Owner operated fleet with captive cargo.

  • Prompt salary payment direct to employee's account in US Dollars
  • Attractive wages, with additional benefits for the top 5 senior ranks 
    • Medical insurance on leave for employee and family (conditions apply)
    • Supplementary Life Insurance cover for the employee on leave (conditions apply)
    • Contributory retirement plan with 50% Company match (conditions apply)
    • Extra-work bonus for select senior ranks on specific trades / vessels
    • Crane and gantry maintenance allowance for E/Os
    • Machinery allowance for First Asst. Engineers
    • Per tenure (lumpsum) Relief Schedule Compliance Bonus for top 5 senior ranks
  • Previous experience in rank recognized toward seniority in scale for deserving senior officers
  • Uniform allowance paid on board - all officers
  • Flag state CoC endorsements at Company cost for all ranks
  • Transparent terms and conditions
  • Timely relief a high priority
  • 4 on/2 off system for senior officers and 6 on/2 off for junior ranks
  • Requests for contract length/leave flexibility always considered and granted whenever possible
  • Assured long term employment basis good performance
  • Promotions assured for deserving officers
  • Family carriage privileges (conditions apply)
  • Cooks skilled in Indian/Filipino/European cuisine - ample provisions budget
  • Indian/European/Filipino/Ecuadorian officers with Filipino/Indian ratings.
  • Free, personal e-mail for all crew on board.
  • All vesels equipped with satellite TV entertainment (active within subscribed ocean areas
  • Well maintained, supplied and stored vessels
  • Direct access to and interaction with vessel management
  • Senior officers granted high degree of autonomy in decision making
  • Strong support from management for compliance with Marpol, PSC and Class requirements.
  • All vessels manned with additional maintenance and operating crew over minimum safe manning requirements.
  • Occasional head office visits for senior officers en-route to/from vessel
  • Vessels on liner service, fixed routes
  • Proprietary cargo, no lay-ups, no lay-offs

         You may download a fillable pdf application form here or MS Word form here.